Steeped in cultural traditions, Latin American people sourced from various countries with varying features and chronicles, but they perform share a love for exciting celebrations and a deep value of family. That being said, there are some wedding traditions that span along the region. From your lasso and the se?al to separate detrimental ceremonies and padrinos, here is what you need to know about these Latin marriage wedding ceremony rituals.

Typically, the bride and groom should receive las aval (13 gold coins representing Christ great 12 apostles) at all their wedding, as a symbol of wealth and good fortune. The few is then lassoed together by way of a padrinos, usually married couples, exactly who is going to wrap a silk cable or sterling silver rope around them to symbolize unity. As they leave the ceremony, guests will throw out rice or perhaps bird seed at the few, which is a symbol of fertility and good luck. Modern brides- and grooms-to-be have replaced this tradition with confetti or flower petals.

In the past, various cultures in Latin America would have another civil and religious feast day. Known as la boda civil, this event is usually for legal purposes which is joined only simply by close friends and family members. This event may take place a week prior to the key wedding ceremony, or sometimes even before.

During the reception, some couples will question their padrinos to flag money for their clothes using protection pins, which is collected by the marriage ceremony DJ throughout the Hora Loca (aka the crazy hour). The money is then used to help the couple pay for such things as their honeymoon or fresh home.